French Artist Caroline Brun Creates Champagne Masterpiece

Passionate wine professional, certified sake sommelier, and now artist, Caroline Brun

masters vinification within her abstract art. Her works are diverse in their techniques and

their constructions, their subject of reference is the wine of champagne. Caroline Brun turns

out to be an excellent interpreter of the champagne diversity and expresses through her

works; the tension, the acidity, the energy, the shine, the dizziness and joy that champagne


We were thrilled when Caroline, a personal friend as well as an expert in her field, choose

our champagne as inspiration for one of her paintings. Caroline Brun creates a very

particular new prism to conceive and share the specific vocabulary and pleasure of tasting,

and this painting represents that beautifully. She has represented the soil, the expression of

vines, through the various techniques of wine making. As a visual tasting of our wine, the

piece features salty hints representing the bedrock of Champagne, a région that is

comprised of compressed tiny prehistoric seashells of 10 to 30 millions years old creating

the chalk that is so essential to this region. There are iodine notes perceiving the aftertaste

of our wine expressing the elegant mineral taste. Lastly the blue in the painting, which is our

brand’s colour, is to evoke the ancient sea that once covered the region of Champagne.

Caroline's abstract art is sprinkled with noble and dazzling materials that sometimes

combine oenological and mineral materials that can be noticed by wine professionals. The

painting also features metallic accents which not only evokes our bottle but the minerals

found in the soil of the Champagne region. Overall this piece is a joy to behold and we are

so honoured to have been chosen by Carloine as a subject for her art.

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