Devastating Spring Season in France

The beginning of the spring season has been brutal all over France with a freeze during the week of April 5th. From a general aspect, this spring has been classified as “the largest agronomic disaster of the 21st Century”.

Coming back to our Champagne Region, we have sadly seen some damages in the vineyards. The nights of April 5th and 6th particularly went down in temperatures from -4°C to -7°C in some places. The humidity from the previous weeks has not helped the bud to survive.

We have observed some impacts of this frost effect. Indeed, the early growing regions and the Chardonnays are the most affected. The Chardonnays are the most damaged since they start earlier to grow in the season and had even more suffered in the south of Champagne (Aube, Montgueux, Sezannais). We are also seeing some bad effects in the North / West Side of the Montagne de Reims.

We are still early in the season to measure the total devastation but we are estimating between 30 to 40% of loss, which is the same ratio for the entire Champagne Region in general. Again, quality is obviously our priority in one of the best world class region of grape growing. This is only the beginning and we have more to achieve to bring the top vintage possible in September!

As the one of the largest family-owned products in Champagne since the start of the century, we are very confident since we have the privilege to grow all over the Champagne and in the most prestigious terroirs.