Bubbly Champagne Facts to Brighten Your Day!

The word champagne is synonymous with celebration across the globe. It is an international calling card for decadence, enjoyment and unforgettable moments! There is just something about the popping of a bottle of champagne that sets a lighthearted tone of festivity that is hard to beat!

Here are some effervescent champagne facts you might not know!

  1. The pressure in a bottle of champagne is 3x more than that of a car tyre. Be careful popping those bottles, one could seriously take an eye out!

  2. France obviously has a monopoly on champagne production but they also have the rest of the world beat on consumption as well! The French consume 162.5 million bottles every year, or about 52 percent of the entire world production of Champagne.

  3. We weren't lying when we said those champagne corks can be serious weapons! A champagne cork can reach 40km/hr!

  4. Staying on theme, one is more likely to be killed from a popping champagne cork than a spider bite and more than a third of champagne related deaths occur at wedding! Stay vigiliant during toast time lovelies!

  5. 1950's femme fatale and sex icon Marilyn Monroe famously took a bath in a tub of champagne. It was said that more than 350 bottles of the golden liquid were needed to fill up the bath!

  6. As the ultimate gentleman, it is no surprise that James Bond loves his champagne. He has been spotted drinking the beverage on 35 occasions during the films and has a tendancy to reach for Bolligner which has been featured a grand total of 14 times!

  7. The beautiful bubbly train of bubbles seen fluttering around your champagne flute actually have a name! It is referred to as collerette,

  8. The bubblier the champagne, the tipsier you will feel! The bubbles help the alcohol into your blood stream faster, which means the first glass of champagne out of a bottle will get you drunk the fastest because it will always have the most bubbles!

  9. Winston Churchill was a notorious champagne drinker, so much so that Pol Roger actually named a bottle after him! It was said that he drank over 42,000 bottles of champagne between 1908 and 1965!

  10. Prior to the invention of the cork and cage system of sealing champagne bottles, it was widely regarded as a very dangerous drink because of its tendacy to explode! It wasn't until they invented a more secure mechanism of sealing the bottles that the drink became more socially pallatable!