A Wine For All The Senses

Champagne is an experience! I sound like a broken record, I know, but its true! Royal Riviera Champagne is a drink that sparks many of your senses; taste, touch, sight, smell but now we are taking it one step further. Our amazing RR composer has created a signature Royal Riviera song to allow your champagne experience to transcend beyond drinking and tasting. This allows our champagne to truly echo all the senses because we feel that champagne should be a full sensory experience, from the sight of the shimmering bubbles to the tickle of the crisp smell, the twinkle of the bubbles on your tongue to the taste of the grapes and vinology of the winemaker. One factor we thought though that was lacking, which goes hand in hand with this evocative experience, is sound!

We worked with Sonic Memories, a young composer and artist, to create a track that embodied our wine and the environment where we see our champagne being enjoyed. The track is reminiscent of Ibiza chill with a club like beat that has parts that are bolder than others, reflecting what it is like to drink a glass of our champagne. As the owners of Royal Riviera are from different ends of the world sounds of the East and West also feature in the track to reflect the ocean between Kiron and Sara. There is a crescendo in the track which represents the opening of a bottle of our champage or that part of an evening where a group of friends or family take their celebrations to the next level, filled with laughter and dance.

As a lifestyle champagne that is to be enjoyed by all who have a zest for all life has to offer we wanted this track to represent that. The track draws you in, much like our champagne, and keeps you wanting more. We are excited to be a brand that is pushing the conventional boundaries of a winemaker and intend to use this music track across our sales and marketing as well as at events. To hear this track head to Spotify.