A Riviera Summer: A Time for Sun and Bubbles

These tempered summer days are excellent for exploring the outdoors, whether it be going on a sweet picnic to your local park, enjoying a barbeque in the garden or simply curling up and reading a good book. Either way, hot summers days call for one thing: BUBBLES!!

Dehydration and heat stroke are serious issues in the hotter months, which is why we humans have evolved and created a number of beverages to combat these afflictions during those langorous summer evenings. There are many summer favourites when it comes to something cool and refreshing: pimms, lemonade and even a cold glass of beer. However, champagne, in our entirely biased opinion, is the superior summertime tipple.

Glass of Bubbly Co-founder and journalist Christopher Walkey wrote a special piece on this very topic; a friendly battle of the beverages, if you will.

Our gorgeous Royal Rivieria Brut Supreme hits all of the classicly loved notes of a good champagne: "Pastry, toast, yellow stone fruit, citrus on the nose. A bold and refreshing flavour of citrus, hints of toastiness, honey, croissant, peach and more. Good complexity and high levels of acidity."

It is the epitome of summer and offers complexity and richness while remaining refreshing and easy to drink. Definitely a drink to enjoy poolside this Summer for all of our friends in the northern hemisphere!