A Glass of Bubbly For The New Year

The French Riviera is one of the main sources of inspiration behind our beautiful champagne. The

sheer beauty of the place and the luxurious ‘lifestyle of sun, sea, beaches, walking, climbing and

skiing’. It is what we at Royal Riviera try to embody in our champagne. Glass of Bubbly, an

organization dedicated to promoting the world of champagne and wine, recently wrote a fantastic

article on The French Riviera and Royal Riviera champagne, after all, the two go hand in hand. The

Royal Riviera champagne sisters and misters would like to say thank you to Glass of Bubbly for their

beautiful words and their understanding of our beautiful product!

Champagne is fuel when it comes to the life of luxury and Royal Riviera champagne is the epitome of

decadence. It aspires to ‘represent the quality of life of the French Riviera’ because Champagne is

not just a drink—it is an experience. Nobody forgets their first bottle of champagne or the special

memory that goes with it.

Champagne Royal Riviera aims to tease all senses, not just the pallet. Champagne sister Kiron Barui

has taken to combining music and champagne, having had her son create a custom piece to

accompany every glass of Royal Riviera.

In 2020, Royal Riviera was awarded a Glass of Bubbly gold award. Its effortless and luxurious taste

has been designed with hours of care and craftsmanship which allows our drinkers to seamlessly

go from caviar to cupcakes!

Santé to Glass of Bubbly and our beautiful readers!

Here is to 2021!