Predominantly Pinot Noir and ageing on lees, this wine is very playful on the palate.  Creating fullness in the cheeks and soft mellow tannin swirls enabling the elegant mousse to open to its full potential.  The layers of second generation notes are complemented by the freshness and soft effervescence by blending Chardonnay from well regarded Grand Cru villages. The structure and necessary integrity of the chardonnay offers robustness and vigour, whilst arousing a pleasantly elegant floral bouquet. The true style of this complex and well-balanced wine is completed by a touch of Pinot Meunier to engage the fruitiness and development of the wine.  The large percentage of reserve wines allows this stand-alone champagne to uphold its name; Brut Supreme.






Champagne Royal Riviera is playfully exciting on the palate for all lovers of champagne. The balance of grape variety in this champagne allows effortless food pairing with most, if not all, dishes.  It is champagne that will take you from “caviar to cupcakes”.  This effortless taste has been designed with hours of care and craftsmanship. Like the perfect symphony, the brute supreme is a couture virtuoso. With over 100 years of generational experience, our Chef de Cave has created a blend that is uniquely balanced to portray quality with a touch of intriguing complexity.

“Beautiful inside and out”


Beauty such as this enhances your experiences and exquisite moments with friends and family. Living and creating champagne memories.

40% Chardonnay

50% Pinot

10% Pinot Meunier